Waties Island Nest Count

Saturday, June 2, 2012

When Will She Lay a Nest?

Saturday morning and yet another crawl by this reluctant mother.  This crawl was similar to the others:  she came up to the edge of the dune, crawled along, dug a little bit, crawled some more, dug a little more, and crawled further and dug again. This site looked a little more promising than the other three - at the last stopping place, there was a large area that had been overthown with loose sand.  But after extensive probing by Steve, Seth and Pat, we were unable to find a nest.

Maybe she'll come back once more a lay a nest.  Stay tuned...

A feisty big ghost crab

This was where she crawled back to the ocean

Incoming crawl

Last spot where she dug around

Starting to probe the area

Jenna and friend Megan help measure the tracks - 41" !!

The Saturday Team - thanks, everyone

Barb and Steve

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