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Saturday, June 23, 2012

False Crawl #17 Is She Back?

Lots of Sargassum up and down the beach this morning.

Usually a Loggerhead Sea Turtle will drop her eggs in the ocean after many unsuccessful attempts at finding a suitable nesting site. If the Loggerhead Sea Turtle is going to nest more than once in a season, there is an average of two weeks between nests. It has been two weeks since we have seen the sea turtle that came ashore with a crawl like this that tried and tried to nest.  Could she be back to try again?  Hopefully she will be successful at her attempts this time.

She is trying hard!

While Arlene looks on, Linda, Dave, Judy and Steve and Steve H. attempt to find a nest and cannot.

Steve H. showes us the Turtle Shoes he has designed and made.

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