Waties Island Nest Count

Friday, June 1, 2012


2nd crawl of the day.  A text book nest site!!!  Took no time at all to determine we had a nest. 

Friday's Team:  Dave Way, Paulette Johnson, Arlene Herring, Linda Gassmann, Joan Elliott, Valerie Way and walking with us today Karen Fuss from Coastal Carolina University who holds the DNR Sea Turtle Permit for Waties Island.

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With Steve Demusz pointing out the spot, Linda Gassmann digs about 18 inches down and finds an egg which is then taken as the sample to be sent for the DNA study.

Barbara Demusz, Sea Turtle Permit Holder, shows Linda and Joan Elliott how the egg is broken open and  just the shell is sent.  The shell alone will give the DNA on just the mother.

Dave Way digs the trench around the nest for the cage.

Paulette Johnson and Arlene Herring place the cage over the nest.

A GPS reading is taken above the nest and Paulette along with Steve Demusz, Sea Turtle Permit Holders, set two poles in the dunes and  Karen Fuss, Paulette and Steve take the triangle measurements in case we have a hurricain.  These measurements will give us a better place to start looking for the nest in case everything is blown away. 

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  1. Karen (me) looks like she is trying to catch flies with her BIG open mouth!