Waties Island Nest Count

Friday, June 8, 2012


Sun was just peeking up over the dune as we turned around from the Inlet side of Waties to head back.  Tide was very high again last night and is starting to take away the dune on that south side. 

We got a call from Linda, Arlene and Dave that we had a crawl beyond mile marker 8 and that there was possibly another further up.                                                                     On  the way up we stopped to check on nest #1 and saw that it had been washed over with the high tide.  Steve said that this nest has been washed over a couple of times,  Time will tell if this is a problem for the nest.

Not only was there one crawl, but there were a total of three crawls all above mile marker 8.  All crawls were false crawls.

Don't know how she made it over the rock!  She went out with the tide.

These are very distinctive crawls and are all from the same turtle.  Barb mentioned that there were three false crawls yesterday in which this turtle came up on the beach part way and made a "U" turn and went right back in.  Similar to the second crawl above.  This makes 12 false crawls for the same turtle since May 25th of this year. 
This mother wants to nest!!!

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