Waties Island Nest Count

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A before sunrise on WI... Eastward sky,  exquisite colors and a COOL  a.m. welcome! 
Toward Hog Inlet, Southwest a FULL moon setting...ever changing wonder!

Discovery...tracks @lower end near Hog Inlet.....crawled in @higher tide, exit@low tide.

Our 'reluctant' mother, crawled, with her signature 'uneven tracks' above high tide line below Dunes,again attempted to dig. She dug 3 pits, ( 2-top left photo, 1 right middle of photo)?

Steve H., probed area of top left nest? her 6th visi to deposit her eggs.......NEGATIVE for a nest!
Is our 'persistent' mother planning to lay those eggs tonight???
Time will tell?
Below photo is the crazy crawl #2 continued with this Mother!

At same time, we see crazy 2nd crawl??.....left along Dunes,  toward Hog Inlet,
Tracks faint....earlier entry and exit.....? 
Further investigation reveals tracks are identical to 1st tracks!!
She crawled onto WI again, unsuccessful attempts @ nest! 

Close-up photo, revealing uneven tracks, apparent problem left flipper...same 6 times!

Exiting to sea@ low tide, soggy wet sand, measure of tracks, same 39-40 inches.
She exited 1hour or so? before we discovered her 6th False Crawl

Thanks, Wednesday Team...Back Row:Steve H., Deb/Bobby S.,
Marty/Kathy T.,NancyM., Amanda P.,and Sarah R.


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