Waties Island Nest Count

Friday, June 29, 2012


 Dave, Arlene and Linda, the fast walkers, came across the crawl just above mm 7 while Joan and I laged behind looking at Paw Prints.

The crawl looked familiar, but it was definately not the poor sea turtle with the uneven crawl that has been trying so hard to nest.


Arlene and Joan find the nest.
Paulette and Barb take the egg shell sample for the DNA Test.
Arlene, Joan and Linda remove and count the eggs.  The nest will be moved due to the location of the nest being on the wrack line.

There are 101 eggs.  100 will be relocated.  Barbara and Paulette take one (1) egg so that the shell can be sent for the DNA Testing.
Using Cockle Shells, Steve D. and Joan dig a new site for the nest around mm 3.

Paulette and Valerie measure the crawl at 36"

Barb and Joan place the eggs in their new nest.

Dave digs the holes for the two markers that will be placed in the dunes in case we have a hurricane.

Barb, Steve D. and Paulette take the triangle measurements and GPS readings as a precautionary measure, while Dave digs around the nest to place the cage.

 Everyone back fills around the cage.
Friday Walkers Dave, Linda, Paulette, Arlene, Joan and Valerie after a wonderful and exciting morning on Waties.

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