Waties Island Nest Count

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Inventory of Nest 5

On Sunday, August 13, Nest 5 had incubated for 70 days without showing signs of
emergence. According to DNR guidelines, the nest may be inventoried at that point.
Robert, Todd and Jiarong dug deep into the sand to find the egg shells. Great news!!
Though a small nest, a good result!! 45 hatched shells and only 3 unhatched eggs. There
were no live or dead hatchlings. 92 % hatching success!! 
Post and Pictures by Paulette

Walkers and spectators

Todd and Robert finish the dig

A very deep hole

Samantha sorts and counts

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Inventory of Nest # 3

Nest # 3 was laid on May 27 and emerged on Day 65, July 31. This nest was
located just below the entrance in the edge of the dunes. It was a shallow
nest plagued by ghost crabs. The turtle who laid this  nest  also laid nests in
2011 at Surfside and North Myrtle Beach-five total. In 2013 she laid one at
Myrtle Beach and four at Briarcliff Acres. In 2016 Briarcliff had one of her
nests and Waties had three!! We hope she has laid more nests on our beach,
and hopefully better ones than this one.
48 hatched and 68 unhatched.
And, on a personal note, a fond farewell to Emily-who will graduate tomorrow
and begin looking for a job with the sea turtles!! The best of luck to a great
volunteer and student!!
Post by Paulette
Pictures by Regena,
Barb and Paulette
Regena captured the sunrise reflecting off the high rises of NMB

The digging begins

A once shallow nest became very deep!

Our guests help

Sorting the eggs

Emily's mom counts the eggs

The sail boat remains on our beach

Karen brought out a lock for our gate!! Thank You!!

Monday, July 31, 2017

It's Hatching Season Now!

Nesting is slowing down but hatching season is heating up! Nest #3 just below the entrance emerged overnight at 65 days.

Emergence hole and hatchling tracks

One lone turtle was left at the nest site when the volunteers arrived.

But progress is being made...
Left flipper still a little weak

And YES, the ocean!!

Thanks to Nancy M for sharing her pictures today; post by Barb

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Inventory of Nest 2, Saturday, July 29

Nest # 2 was laid in the middle of the beach between marker 4 and 5 on May 20. It was caged for
the incubation period due to ATV traffic nearby. This nest was shallow when located,
but was deep when inventoried. The hatchlings emerged on July 26, day 67. After
finding some eggshells, five very lively hatchlings were discovered!! Then, more
egg shells and more hatchlings!! All the hatchlings were eager to find the ocean.
127 eggs laid. 100 hatched. 26 unhatched. 1 for research. 12 live hatchlings and no
dead hatchlings. 78.7 % hatch success!! Another good nest!!
Emily digs up the shells as Kaela prepares to sort.

Egg count

heading for the ocean

Four little guys running for the water
Post and Pictures by Paulette
Emily's friend Caroline took these two pictures.

Three marching along

Nest #1 Inventory

Nest #1 didn't generate the greatest results with 31 unhatched eggs and 5 hatched with 1 live turtle found. However, it was quite exciting to watch the live turtle swim away! On the way back over the causeway, we saw a bunch of wood storks, too!

Friday, July 28, 2017

More Pictures from Inventory of Nest 4 on July 28

Teresa shared these photos.
These eggs were buried deep

Keela hands the eggshells to Gail as Linda sorts


We had several guests and families today

Inventory of Nest # 4

Nest # 4 was laid high on the dunes at Marker 6 on Saturday, May 27. 
It emerged on Day 59, July 25.
We dug up the nest today and what a great way to start our inventory phase!!
This turtle was "in the system". She had laid nests in 2011, 2013, 2015 on Sunset Beach,
Ocean Isle and North Myrtle Beach. This year she laid her first nest on our beach!! I
hope she has laid several more with us!! Her nests are large, ranging from 104 to 163 eggs.
Today we found 143 hatched eggs, 17 unhatched eggs and 3 dead hatchlings. 89 % hatching
success!! This is a very good result and a good mama turtle!!
Keela and Jingle dig for the eggs

This nest was high up!!


What a great sight!!
Pictures by Karen and Becky
Post by Paulette