Waties Island Nest Count

Friday, August 17, 2018

Nest 5 Inventory

We had a large group who joined in on today's inventory of Nest 5!  It was a fairly deep nest

Several from the group helped with pulling out eggs from the nest, sorting and counting. Two dead hatchlings were discovered in the nest, but also a live hatchling which was released. Today's results: 87 hatched eggs and 1 unhatched for a 97.7% hatch success.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Tuesday, August 14 Nest 5 Emerges!!

This morning  Kinsey and the Tuesday walkers found that Nest 5 had emerged!! They found 
hatchlings still on the beach, a few dead and some struggling at the water line. This nest was laid on June 17 and emerged on day 58 of incubation. It is located below Marker 1. Sea oats had grown near and over the nest site. 
 Kinsey reported that many tracks led to the water, so the majority of the hatchlings made it through the ghost crab gauntlet. Inventory to be held Friday August 17.
Pictures by Kinsey
Post by Paulette
Nice emergence hole!! But tracks are everywhere!

Notice hatchling tracks wandering. Ghost crab

Hatchling tracks

Notice ghost crab tracks here

Circle of life but still...

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sunday August 12 Inventory Nest 4

Our Sunday walkers were joined by Erin, Mario, Jewel, Linda, Rosa, Melodee
and John to finish the inventory of Nest # 4. Karen had started the inventory on Tuesday,
August 7 after she found the nest had emerged on Saturday August 4. We found live 
hatchlings and hatched eggs on Tuesday, and then discovered hatchlings still in the
process of hatching so we covered the nest and waited five days. Friday we found
two hatchling tracks leaving a very small hole near the reed-A good sign!! Today,
we found 48 hatched eggs!! No unhatched eggs, no dead hatchlings and no live
hatchlings. A great outcome!!
This nest was plagued by ghost crabs for weeks. 39 eggs were lost to these
ghost crabs with walkers finding empty shells scattered over the nest site
and in the dunes. So the numbers are: 99 eggs laid. 40 unhatched (the 39
listed above and one for DNA research) and 59 hatched. 59.5% hatching success.
Pictures and Post by Paulette
Erin and Mario were great today. This nest was
deep after all the blown sand since Tuesday

They found a tunnel deep in the nest. Mario
found egg shells there!!

Leslie is sorting the eggs. Empty hatched shells
are a beautiful sight!!

48 hatched shells today!! The ghost crabs destroyed
many eggs in this nest but we still had 59 babies
heading for the open seas!!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Saturday, August 11

It was a lovely walk and we got to meet some lovely people.  It was a delight.

All was well. Every nest seemed fine.  Six had a tiny GC hole that we covered.  All traps were found and emptied if occupied.  All is ready for tomorrow's inventory.

The highlight was finding the strange trail pictured below.  It went on for two markers and then went on in back of the dunes.  I was humming the theme song for Twilight Zone.  Was it a bicycle? An alligator? Bill came up with land turtle but boy it was strange! 

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Thursday, August 9th

A beautiful day to walk in paradise! Not much to report.

Nest 4 had two small crab holes and three buried traps...under about 6 inches of sand.  Kinsey, Sheri, and Elaine found them all.  One of them had a very frisky crab under all that sand in the trap!

Number 5 which is due to boil soon showed no activity.

Number 14 had a trap buried under about 10 inches of sand.  Found, emptied and replaced.

Lots of beauty though....

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Wednesday August 8 Inventory

Today the Wednesday walkers and other volunteers inventoried Nest # 3. This nest
was laid on Sunday June 10 just above Marker 5 in the middle of the beach. The nest was moved higher up on the beach to avoid the high tides. 82 eggs were buried. The nest emerged on Sunday, August 5, day 56 of incubation. Today we found 80 empty shells and 2 unhatched eggs. 96% hatch and emergence success!! WOW!! That's more like it!!
Pictures by Leslie and Paulette.  post by Paulette

Justin and Kayla digging

Nancy and Leslie sorting

Unhatched eggs

A beautiful sight!!

We rebury the shells in the hole to renourish the beach.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Interesting Tuesday

Today's monitors inventoried Nest #2 and found 88 hatched eggs and 8 unhatched. 18 egg shells had been discovered prior to the inventory at the surface of the nest. The nest had a 76.5% hatch and emergence success.
CCU students, Hunter and Kinsey, remove the eggs from the nest.

Karen counts the hatched and unhatched eggs.
We also began an inventory at Nest #4 where groups have been discovering eggs at the surface of this nest for weeks (39 eggs total), and Karen saw an emergence hole on Saturday. We found 11 hatched shells in nest cavity, but also live hatchlings in a "side chamber" of the nest. We ended up releasing 24 hatchlings from this side chamber, but reburied other hatchlings and eggs/egg shells found in the nest cavity. The 2nd inventory will take place this Sunday.
Part of Tuesday's group heading down the beach
The start of inventory of Nest #4 by Kim and Charlene.

Connie getting ready to release a hatchling closer to the water.

Hatchling swimming away!