Waties Island Nest Count

Saturday, August 15, 2015

New Things on the Island

Sunrise was beautiful and the weather cool and pleasant --

New addition to the parking area at the beach: We will find out more about this huge beeping piece of scientific equipment once Karen is back in the office, but it apparently has something to do with measuring wind speeds. The tires were removed so it can't be moved; it is a very expensive piece of equipment.

Parked by the trash cans

And it seems we have a bob cat on the island too! These tracks were found along the dune line up around Marker 4 this morning. Cool!!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

On Wednesday, August 12, with SCDNR permission,
an inventory of Nest 5 was done. This nest was discovered
last Wednesday at False Crawl 4 pole. Numerous eggshells
and whole eggs had been found on the surface during the
ensuing week.
Today, we found 9 hatched and 23 unhatched eggs. 20 of
these unhatched eggs were moved to a new location at Marker
6. The other 3 eggs were flat and empty. We will watch the relocated
nest and inventory it at a later date for final results on this nest.
                                                     Inventory of Nest 5
                                                            Examining an egg
                                                                Unhatched eggs
                                                                  Results of Nest 5
                                                                Barb at Marker 6
                                                       Barb. Leslie, Sharon and Sandy

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wednesday, August 5
Nest #5 !!
False Crawl # 4 was found and marked on June 15.
Today, we discovered ghost crab holes and egg shells
at that location. So... now we watch Nest # 5 which is
at day 51 and is located at Marker 9

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Friday, July 17, 2015

We are still rolling on Waties!! July 17, 2015
Nest # 4 was found right below the entrance!!
Beautiful crawl and body pit!! Small turtle with well
defined and small body pit.
 Arlene is holding the egg.
Let's keep it going!!
Arlene, Keela, Linda, Dave,
Jingle and Valerie.
Friday walkers!!

Monday, July 13, 2015

New Nest - July is HOT !!

Nest #3 this morning - a great way to start the day. After such a long stretch of not much activity, now two nests in three days and hopefully more to come.

This was a smaller turtle - the track width was only 28 inches - but she's a climber. Up on top of the dunes between Marker 5 and 6 she laid her nest. Because of all the sea oats up there, it wasn't obvious where the nest was, but we found it after probing for a while.

Long crawl up the beach . . .

and than crawled up the dune

Her nest, in the sea oats

Bob and Sandy offering support
Probing is hard work

Looking, looking, looking 

Paulette finds soft sand and the egg cavity
High and dry - no washovers up there

Leslie, Bob, Sandy, and Paulette

Thanks too to the rest of the Monday team who weren't able to stay this morning - Sherry, Donna, Kim and Maddy. Great job everyone!  Barb

Saturday, July 11, 2015

FINALLY!! A New Nest

Beautiful morning, nice gentle breezes and a very welcome surprise: a crawl between Marker 8 and 9

She crawled up to the wall and turned right for a short distance before digging her nest.

Took a lot of probing though; the actual nest cavity was at the far edge of the circle - almost outside it. Not where we expected to find it.

This turtle isn't very big: her track width measured 30 to 32" wide and she seems to have a barnacle or growth on her plastron which makes the drag mark in the middle of her tracks.

A lot of digging and Jeanne was just able to reach the egg for the DNA sample. It was pretty deep!

Nest #2 DNA sample

This one won't hatch until mid-September

Steve, Jeanne and Pat - nice shirts!

Friday, June 19, 2015

False Crawl #6

At the beginning of our walk, just before MM4 and our first nest, we spotted a crawl and what looked like a nest,

We called Dave and Keela to let them know and then made a call to Barb and Steve and continued to make our way to the top of the island.

Lo and behold, the turtle tracks weren't the only tracks we found on the beach.  Further up the beach we found a pair of critter tracks.

Back to the nest...we determined the in-coming and out-going track and measured the width at 30".

The site looked good for a nest.  We probed and probed, dug and dug, but no eggs and we reluctantly marked it FC #6.