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Saturday, June 23, 2012

She's Definitely Back

Sadly, the mother turtle who apparently has some sort of deformity which hinders her ability to dig a nest chamber, is back trying again.  The post below shows the crawl from yesterday.  Today there was another false crawl up near the jetty.  This is just two weeks from the last time we saw her on Waties.  She may have nested somewhere nearby after all those false crawls, but we won't know unless we can collect a DNA sample from her.

On a lighter note, Seth was showing us how to put a blue crab to sleep - just by rubbing it's belly.  And it worked too!

Seth and the blue crab

Love those red "fingernails"

She was on the beach for a pretty long time

Deep grooves on the right flipper and flatter on the left

Exact same spot as FC #4 near the jetty

For the record, this makes 14 crawls for this turtle, although 5 of the 14 were short crawls way below the high tide line.  Three years ago when this turtle attempted to nest on Waties, we had a record number of false crawls - 22 for the season, most of which could be attributed to this turtle.  Looks like we may break that record this season.  But that year, she actually did lay a nest - right near Hog Inlet - the nest never did emerge, but when we did the inventory, it was huge - 179 eggs!

We'll see what tomorrow brings...

Barb and Steve

Hasn't been a bird in the chair since the owl arrived

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