Waties Island Nest Count

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nest #2 at the Jetty

Wonder why it is that the major activity this season seems to be all the way up the beach?  But activity is GOOD and today was really good!  A short false crawl just below the jetty and about 40 feet further up was another crawl.  The turtle looked like she was heading for the trash can at the upper end.

The crawl at the jetty
Ashley and Jim

This one looked like the real thing - a short incoming crawl and a long outgoing one.  She was here a while.  And a nice body pit too.  Ashley is checking out where to probe.

Now we're looking for that "soft spot" where the mother turtle made her nest.

Looking, probing...
But it's not always easy to find it

Found it and now we dig by hand

Bingo!  There they are!  

There goes the DNA sample so we can follow this turtle's progress over the season.  Maybe she'll be back right here in 10 to 14 days.  We'll know for sure when the DNA results come back.

Nest 2 Team
Visitors Jane and Dave along with Jim, Steve, Ashley and Diane, all pose for the usual "family photo"  -  Thanks everyone!

Barb and Steve

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