Waties Island Nest Count

Thursday, August 1, 2013


During the pouring rain, Bill, Flossie, Shirley, Truman, Dave and I all piled into Bill's car to head to the beach to check the nests.  Good thing we did. 

About two feet to the left of the hole behind the marker for Nest #2, we saw another hole with this hatchling on its' back.  Still alive, but barely

This is the original hole behind nest #2 with the egg shells we viewed a few days ago.  No change. We could see no hatchling tracks around either hole.  This could have been because of all the rain.  Tomorrow's walkers will have to check the area around the site for more hatchlings or more tracks. 

Then we came to nest #1.  Looks like we had an emergence!  But again, there were no tracks. 
 We proceeded to Nest #3.  Looks like we may have a slight depression.  The next picture shows this a little better.

 Nest #3's possible depression

Bill got us all there and back through all the puddles safely!  Hopefully tomorrow's walkers will have clear skies so that they will be able to check the areas around nests 1 & 2  more thoroughly.   They may even have an emergence at 3!

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