Waties Island Nest Count

Sunday, August 18, 2013


 A group of us gathered at the cottage yesterday and car pooled out to the island to meet up with the Saturday walkers to do the inventory of Nest #R4.

Those who wanted to help, donned gloves.

 Will, Flossie and Bill's grandson, helped by handing the eggs to Barb.
Barb and Flossie separated the eggs into groups of 10, hatched, un-hatched and the 4 hatchlings that did not make it. The outcome of the inventory:
            55 hatched
            33 un-hatched
  Total 88
        +   1 egg taken for DNA
        +   1 egg taken by Ghost Crab
  Total 90 eggs
  61% hatch success

There were no live hatchling in the nest.

The dead hatchlings, egg shells and un-hatched eggs were put back into the nest and
 then covered up by Jacob and Will, our very eager helpers.  These two come every summer to visit grandma and grandpa and never miss coming to the inventories, always showing a great deal of interest in the whole process, helping out any way they can.

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