Waties Island Nest Count

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Current Status of Nests on Waties Island

Barb Demusz, the "turtle lady" of Waties Island, has put together this wonderful map of the island.  Paulette Johnson has been marking the map as the nests have been laid and as they hatch.  The white tags show the nests that have not hatched and the dates they were laid.  The blue tags are the nests that have hatched with the additional date it hatched.  Click on the picture for a clearer view.

Nest #6, laid on June 23rd, could be the nest one to hatch.

 But as we have seen, they do not always go in order.  Nest 5 hatched before nest 4 which emerged night before last on Wednesday night.
Below are all the remaining nests, not identifiable except for their markers.  It is amazing how much goes on around us that we do not see unless we look.

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