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Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Action: One Emergence and a Maybe?

Another gorgeous and eventful day on Waites Island! We started out walking the short end, where we observed some very exciting developments. First and foremost, however, there was the sunrise.

Nothing prettier than the sun reflected in the still inlet water...
Unless perhaps, it's the sun behind these trees. Anyway, back to business...
At nest ten, there was some very obvious action.

 Bunches of teeny hatchling tracks stream out from the center. They stop however, but only due to the immensely high tide line.
A hatching is rather obvious in my amateur opinion, so keep a look out. No inventory details yet.
Mom and Christine Bergh sight an osprey! (very tiny in this picture) He continued to soar overhead, always when my camera was either not out or not zoomed. I'm pretty sure he was mocking me.
Then, Mom and I decided to walk the long end. The sun just got prettier...and hotter. It turned into quite a warm morning, but the cool breeze took off most of the humidity.
Then, more activity was sighted on nest nine! Turtle tracks cannot be picked out because of the high tide washover...and mainly because of the vast number of ghost crab tracks overrunning them. However, this looks very much like a drop. There is still a possibility that it could be a very large ghost crab hole, but it looks more like a turtle-related depression. Either way, two things are for certain: Walkers need to watch Nest nine, and ghost crabs on Waites need sedatives.

Some better shots of the hole. You be the judge.
After all was said and done, we were rewarded with this beautiful panorama of the jetties and the island and the ocean beyond. Now...
We have a ways to go.

Anybody know any travelling songs? :L

Later on we found this adorable shell-outline of a sea turtle on North Myrtle Beach. Or perhaps it was meant to be a bunny. Just like nest nine: It's all how you look at it. ;)

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  1. I love "ghost crabs on Waites need sedatives" and I totally agree!!