Waties Island Nest Count

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Barb and Steve's Granddaughter, Hannah, as we make our way to the upper end of the island for the inventory of nest #3

 After a slight delay due to thunder and lightning, we arrive at nest 3.

We have a lot of visitors who are anxious to know the results of the inventory.
Among our visitors are members of Coastal Carolina University's Turtle Club.

 Other visitors include Barb and Steve's Granddaughters and Bill and Flossie's Grandsons.

The children listen as Barb explains what is happening.

Steve removes the secondary nest markers.

One hatchling did not quite make it all the way out of the shell.  This is considered and counted as un-hatched.

 Final result of the inventory:  93 hatched (including 1 dead), 13 un-hatched + 1 egg for DNA study taken when the nest was first discovered for a total of 107 eggs.  The eggs shells and un-hatched eggs are put back into the nest and buried.
 We head back to the other side of the island, stopping on the way to check on each nest as we go.
Some of Coastal Carolina University's Turtle Club members.  

Paulette, Hannah and Mia with more of the C.C.U. Turtle Club members.
 As we get to nest #R4, we find that we had an emergence over night with one lone straggler.

 Many watched and protected it as it made its way to the water.

 Nest #5 was opened up.  Four live hatchlings were found close to the surface.
 One dead hatchling

Mom explains about the dead hatchling.

Results of the inventory on Nest #5:
90 hatched (including 1 dead and 4 live hatchlings),  4 un-hatched and 1 for the DNA study for a total of 105 eggs.  Paulette and Nancy count while Barb records the results. 

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