Waties Island Nest Count

Saturday, August 31, 2013

And More Tracks...

Way back on Tuesday morning, the walkers found the track of a single turtle hatchling making its way toward the ocean from Nest #8. This is the nest near the horse entrance to the beach. Then nothing more...

But this morning, this is what we saw:

Nest #8

Looking toward the ocean

Lots of tracks - BUT Arlene has a picture from yesterday morning of these tracks (there was a little confusion between activity at Nest #8 and Nest #9). Seems like the majority of the hatchlings from this nest actually emerged yesterday.

Nest #9, a little further up the beach from Nest #8, was checked again this morning. This one was washed over on Friday; you can see pictures on Jingle's posting below. No new tracks to report, but there is still a depression/dropped sand over the nest cavity. Steve says he thinks it definitely emerged.

So busy inventory time - Sunday, we will inventory Nest #11 which emerged on Thurday.
Monday, we will inventory Nest #8, #9 and #10 which all emerged yesterday.

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