Waties Island Nest Count

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Nest #11's 1st Inventory

 We gathered at the shed this morning and headed out to meet the Sunday Walkers to do the inventory on Nest #11.  So we thought!
A group of the Coastal Carolina University Sea Turtle Club members joined us.
Donning gloves, some of the students started to dig and found live hatchlings at the very top of the nest. When this happens, rather than take a chance that possibly the nest was not ready, the nest is closed up..  We will wait another three days and try again.
The four hatchlings took a few minutes to orientate themselves and one by one headed for the ocean.

Everyone broke into groups shading and protecting the hatchlings as they made their way to the water.

As each hatchling entered the ocean they again took a minute to adjust to their new environment and took off.

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