Waties Island Nest Count

Friday, September 13, 2013

Possible Drop On Nest 13

 Happy Friday the thirteenth! Not much to report today, besides this vividly pink sunrise. However, there is a possible drop at Nest Thirteen--perhaps today's date is a sign.

At first glance, there isn't much activity, but if you look closer...
...you'll see that the upper crust of sand has slid down, forming a small but substantial pit. There is a possibility that this could just be the effect of the wind, but given how near it is to the stick marking the egg chamber, it could easily indicate activity beneath the surface.
Other than a few tracks, however, this nest does not have the tell-tale sign of increased ghost crab activity. But that isn't to say the crabs aren't still showing their faces around the island.
Today the low tide gave us the opportunity to poke around in some tidepools, and we encountered this lonely blue crab searching for something to pinch. He's no harm to turtle nests...so we were quite happy to let him go on his way.
Meanwhile, this ribbon fish (which must have been dropped by a sea bird) was being chiseled away at by a ghost crab. All in all, the crustaceans on the island are pretty well fed.
And last but not least, we met this squishy little anemone living in a tiny pool of water atop one of the rocks at the jetty. A lovely day, but the question remains:

Drop or no drop?

(The possible nest near the former location of Nest Six was monitored: no signs of activity.)


  1. Thanks for the great photos. Just a correction - that's a ribbon fish not a barracuda.

  2. Thanks! Fixed it...sorry for the misinformation. Someone *points to self* never studies her field guide.