Waties Island Nest Count

Monday, July 29, 2013

Nest #2 - Maybe it will emerge tonight??

Lots of ghost crab activity at Nest 1 and 2 this morning.  These nests are 63 and 58 days old respectively. At Nest 2, those pesky crabs actually took out two eggshells.  The crabs seem to know when there is something happening down in the nests and they are right there to take advantage of it.

Nest 2 gets invaded

Maybe the Tuesday volunteers with see something other than ghost crab tracks!  We'll let you know.

Barb and Steve

p.s. - just a few bags of trash readied for their ride to the dump - thanks to everyone who was able to join us on Saturday for the cleanup/happy hour.

Steve and Steve on the way to the dump

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