Waties Island Nest Count

Thursday, July 25, 2013

High Tide Line

As we entered the beach this morning, the first thing we noticed was how far up on the beach the high tide line was.  As we walked, we checked the nests to make sure none were washed over.

Nest #2  is 54 days and looked as though a crab (?) had started to dig.  But they don't usually change their minds, especially when a nest is close to hatching.  Unless we scared it away.  Lots of crab tracks.  In any event, this bears watching along with nest #1 which is due any day.  Temperature and moisture affect a nest and we have had a mild summer and lots of rain which can delay a nest.  Only Mother Nature knows!

Nest #9 was the only nest we saw as we walked this morning that the tide line just barely hit the nest site. 
Good news!  Steve D. was able to remove the crab trap on Nest #12.  Looks like all is back to normal.  No crab activity at that nest this morning.

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