Waties Island Nest Count

Friday, August 10, 2012


The wind blew us up the beach, but we fought it on the return trip.

As we walked we watched a rain cell off the coast and as we turned,we saw a rain cell  headed for us.  We got drenched!  Turned out it was a good thing we got to check nest #3 before it rained. 

As we walked up to nest #3 we saw the depression.  We did not notice any tracks. Was this a hatching or just a depression that sometimes shows up prior to a hatching?  We all searched the area for any signs of hatchling tracks or hatchlings. 

On the wet sand we saw lots of crab tracks, but we also saw a few hatchling tracks.  Not a whole lot them, but definately some.

In searching the wrack line, Janice found a dead hatchling about 60 feet south of the nest in the second wrack line.  We are not sure how many hatchlings actually emerged, but we definately had an emergence.

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