Waties Island Nest Count

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

 Sadly, our first finds on waites were a pair of dead hatchlings. The first one we noticed was actually in the claws of a ghost crab and was seconds away from being lunch...or breakfast, perhaps.
 After this discovery we checked the nearest nest, #4. The tracks had, for the most part, been blotted out by the rain, but the emergence was quite clear.

 Nearer to the jetty all anyone could hear was the lovely (although, at five in the morning, Mom is pretty much the only one who would call it that) screaming cries of the seaterns.
 An odd find at a recent false crawl towards the jettys finished up our walk of the island. The hole, as pictured below, looks very like a nest emergence, leading us to believe it was a wild nest.
However, upon noticing the date marker we saw that the crawl was not nearly old enough to have had a hatching nest, so the hole is most likely that of a ghost crab. Still, the location of the hole leads us to believe that there may in fact be an undiscovered nest at this crawl site which drew the crab to the area. Certainly worth watching. 

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