Waties Island Nest Count

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Nest #1 Emerged!

Today was Day 64 for Nest #1 near Marker 4 and we were beginning to wonder if we missed the emergence back during those very windy days a while back.  But today we got to see exactly what we were hoping to see:  classic signs of an emergence.

Standing behind the cage - tracks going toward the signpost

Click on the photo to see more details of the tracks

Lots of tracks!

Chris brought her friend Georgia for a visit this morning and we were glad to have something to show her.

When we checked the nest again on our way back down the beach, we were able to see one lone hatchling still trying to make its way to the surface.  But it was getting pretty warm by then; maybe he/she will wait until the sun goes down tonight.

One hatchling still trying to make its way out
And the gate:  Hopefully a fix that will last more than a few days this time.  Steve and Pat worked on it this morning.


Pat with tools

Barb and Steve

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