Waties Island Nest Count

Friday, August 17, 2012

On the Surface All is Tranquil

Such beauty!

Just the sound of the waves.

Nest #7 - the sand is piling up.
Nest #4 - all is quiet on the surface.  But my imagination tells me at 49 days, the hatchlings are alive in their shells and getting ready to break free of their shells.  Soon one, then two, then three and more of the hatchlings will be making their way to the top of the nest, using each other to lift themselves above the egg shells.

Sea Foam found on the North Eastern beach of Waties.  According to the book Living Beaches by Witherington, Sea Foam originates from planktonic (small and drifting) plants and animals.  Wind and surface currents bring billions of these tine organisms to the surf where their cells are pulverized and their fat is whipped into suds.  Brownish foam may also come from organic sediments.
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