Waties Island Nest Count

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nest #7

Nest 7 at the upper end of the island has accumulated a lot of sand in the last few weeks (see the photo from yesterday's posting for a "before" picture).  This morning, with shovels in hand, the cage came off -

Cage removed - a LOT of sand has blown onto the surface of the nest

With the cage out of the way, we removed the sand back to the original level of the nest.

Steve, Tom and Jackie taking off the extra sand
 For now, the nest should be fine.  It is nice to see how much sand has accumulated over the season on the upper end.  The high tides earlier in the season came right up to the dunes and were causing them to erode; now they are rebuilding.  The ever changing shoreline...

Tom with the "after" photo

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