Waties Island Nest Count

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nest #1 Inventory

Thank goodness the rain held off so that we were able to inventory nest #1 this morning.  Dave, Truman and Steve D. uncover the nest.

Flossie, Jingle, and Jenna, a new walker this year, dig up the nest.

What a surprise when they came upon live hatchlings deep down.  At first Barb and Steve D. thought that we would have to close the nest up, but after looking at the hatchlings, they decided that it was best to release them on the beach. 

Barb D. checking the hatchlings to make sure the egg sacks had been absorbed.  The hatchlings need to absorb this egg yoke to give them enough energy to make it to the Sargassum, which is approximately 40 miles off our coast.

We gave the six hatchlings plenty of room.  One little one shot right for the breakers, the others got their bearings and headed off to the breakers at an angle off to the right, but all making it safely.

Mean while, Barb D., Flossie and Paulette finish the inventory, counting any egg shells that were at least 50% and counting any unhatched eggs.  The nest was a huge success, 101 hatched eggs, 4 unhatched eggs.  No dead hatchlings in the nest.  But we do know that one hatchling did not make it to the ocean as one of Flossie and Bill's grandsons, Will, found a dead one on the beach.

The shells, unhatched eggs and dead hatchling are put back into the nest and the nest is closed up.     Our first and very successful and exciting inventory of the season completed.

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