Waties Island Nest Count

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Two Surprises

 Our Saturday inventory led to some very pleasant surprises. While digging up nest four, we came across this little hatchling. It was very weak, but we gave it a little head start in its long journey ahead.
Here again is the little fellow making its way to the ocean.

 After digging up the nest, we discovered 100 eggs. 91 had hatched, while 9 remained unhatched.

 Say hello to nest number nine, our wild nest near marker seven. The nest was very deep, and we came across two dead turtles before discovering a very lively hatchling just raring to go.

 This is the video of the first hatchling from nest number four making its way to the ocean.

 This one depicts the start of the journey for our second little hatchling.

Our inventory of the wild nest came to 114 eggs. 70 hatched, 44 unhatched.

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