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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Update - New Emergence

The mosquitos and no-seeums were wicked this morning - not much breeze to keep them at bay.  Thanks to Dianne for remembering to bring some bug spray.  Saved the day.

Nest #11 emerged overnight with lots of tracks inside and outside the cage.  This is day 59 for this nest which is about average.  We'll be doing the inventory on Wednesday morning.

Nest 11 emerged overnight
Lots of tracks
Turtle tracks and ghost crabs too

Update on Nest #12 (which is only 50 days today) - we found two empty eggshells on the surface and a large ghost crab hole.  The crab hole is now filled in, but keep checking this one closely; this may be our next nest to hatch.
Busy ghost crabs...

Nest 12 egg shell on the surface
Nest 7, 8 and 9 - who knows?  No activity at Nest 7 at the jetty, Nest 8 has a small piece of egg shell on the surface, but no turtle tracks anywhere.  Nest 9, no reports of tracks either.

These birds are keeping an eye on Dr. Harding's research experiments
Barb and Steve

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