Waties Island Nest Count

Thursday, August 25, 2011

More News from the Island

On Wednesday, we did two inventories, Nest 8 and Nest 11.  The outcome from Nest 8 was disappointing; 109 unhatched eggs and only 27 hatched.  We also found 5 dead hatchlings in the nest and they had been in there a while.  There were also lots and lots of roots in this nest.

Roots growing right through the egg

We've gotten some initial DNA results on the mother who laid this nest on June 18; she laid her first nest on North Myrtle Beach (their Nest 3) at 11th Avenue S.  She laid 139 eggs on NMB and 137 on Waties.

Then on to Nest #11:  Slightly better outcome here - 36 hatched egg shells, 22 unhatched and only 2 dead hatchlings.
Reburying the nest contents

Karen sorting the egg shells

We also have DNA results on this nest too.

This mother laid her first nest on NMB on 5/13, their first nest of the season with 109 eggs.
Then she laid her second nest on Waties on 5/29, our Nest #1, with 100 eggs.
Her third nest was again on Waties on 6/11, our Nest #4, with 96 eggs.
This nest represents her fourth of the season, our Nest #11, with 58 eggs.

She may have laid more nests during the season and future DNA results will give us the answers.

Barb and Steve

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