Waties Island Nest Count

Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's A Record! Nest 18!

It began as a beautiful dawn.  
                                                              We found the carcass of a huge skate.  Hopefully this will give the ghost crabs something to do for a few days!
 Here's nest 18!  It's a wild nest, only found as Keela was retrieving the beach ball as 'beach treasure'.  When she picked the ball up out of the hole she noticed all the broken eggshells.
 We were not sure if it was a nest that hatched or one vandalized by ghost crab.
Ashley found a baby stingray still alive, but washed up onto dry land.  She saves it!!!!
Notice the tears towards the back. Ashley is also holding a whelk shell in her right hand; it is not part of the stingray!

This is Nest 3 inventory.  We had a photographer from Coastal Carolina with us for the article Karen is writing for the college's magazine.
The Chapman grandchildren glove up for the egg toss back into the nest.

Barbara, back from vacation, recording inventory details.
The egg toss!

Nest 18! You didn't know we are marking nests with beach balls now? Steve is tired of making those cages! :) Nest 18 determined to be a 'wild nest'.

 There were so many broken shells that Karen, Steve, and Barb decided to do an inventory of Nest 18. The Chapman's daughter helps Jingle and Ashley dig out the shells.
Dead baby.
Ashley, who is holding it, said the shell was really soft.
Respectfully submitted by Chris

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