Waties Island Nest Count

Monday, August 8, 2011

Nest 1 Inventory

 Everyone gloving up getting ready to dig!
Keep digging!

Keela waiting for direction to keep digging. See all our shadows around the hole!

First live turtle to emerge

And here's sibling

We had to keep shade on the hatchlings.  They kept walking towards the sun!

Keela and Valerie count up the inventory. 100 eggs, 91 hatched, 4 dead hatchlings, 6 live hatchlings!

Weird looking egg much smaller than rest.  Debbie said on NMB they are called 'spacer' eggs.

The crew: Keela, Jingle, Mary, Cameron, Carson, Grandma Nancy, Chris, and Debbie

Amazing how much sand accumulated on top of this nest despite all the efforts!

This turtle stuff just gets better & better!  A ride in Valerie's truck!

"Scooter" takes to the high seas
Respectfully submitted by Chris

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