Waties Island Nest Count

Friday, August 19, 2011

Inventory Results and New Emergence Today

Emerged at 61 days
The inventory of Nest #6 was conducted this morning with Arlene, Linda, Valerie, Dave, Nancy and Karen Fuss helping out.  This nest had a total of 98 eggs - 91 hatched, 5 were unhatched, 1 was used for the DNA study and a ghost crab (those pesky crabs!) got one at the end of July.

Nancy, Arlene and Linda sorting the contents of the nest

Recording the results

Burying the shells back in the nest cavity

But check this out!  Nest #10 emerged last night - 

Nest 10 emerged last night

We're be doing the inventory on Monday morning and everyone is welcome to participate.  Meet at the shed at 7 a.m. - see you there!

Barb and Steve

p.s. - Check out Valerie's morning fog photo - Beautiful!

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