Waties Island Nest Count

Monday, August 22, 2011

Nest #10 Inventory Results

This morning Chris, Nancy and I headed out to the beach to dig up Nest 10.  We sort of wondered what we'd find after those big thunderstorms last night, but it was a beautiful morning on the beach.

Nancy and Chris starting to dig

One happy little turtle - bet she was glad we found her

Turtle gets some help
 getting to the water

This was a very lively turtle

That turtle needed our help getting out this morning

71 hatched, 19 unhatched

The nest had 101 eggs counting the one we took initially for the DNA study.

Nest #12 looks like it will be the next one to go:  see the ghost crab hole in the center...

Nest 12 could be next

and see the hatchling in the dunes?

This turtle was only a short distance from Nest 12
A big crab!

and see the culprit?

Chances are very good that this nest will emerge in the next day or so.


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