Waties Island Nest Count

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Preparing for Hurricane Irene

It was a bit of work this morning and a very big thanks to Steve Huggins, Valerie and Dave Way and Karen Fuss who came out to help clear the island of signs and nesting materials.  All the cages and signs have been stored in the shed.

Steve placing a new marker in front of the nest site

In the place of the original signs, you will now see a small wooden post, sprayed with fluorescent yellow paint and marked with the nest number.  Well behind the dunes are two additional markers which should help us relocate the nest if the wooden stake is washed away in the high tides and storm surge.  They won't be quite as easy to see from a distance like the orange nest signs, but safer and will create less marine debris.

The new nest markers

And on the middle of the beach this morning was a skull - looks like an adult fox skull.  Quite a set of teeth on this critter!  Sometimes I miss those foxes; they may have helped to keep the ghost crabs from taking over the beaches.

It is looking more likely that we will only get the edges of Hurricane Irene now, but she's a big storm and we'll probably see some effects on our beaches.  Hope any damage is minimal.

Barb and Steve

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