Waties Island Nest Count

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Thursday, July 5.2018

A beautiful morning to be on our beloved island.  We had missed 3 walks and were looking forward to time on the beach.

Bill and I were pretty exhausted having just returned and elected to walk the short side.  Sheri Sorrentino and her brother, Kevin started to walk the long walk and found our first crawl within throwing distance of the entrance.  When we came back to probe after walking the rest of the island this proved to be a FC.
They just kept calling after that.  Two more crawls and a ghost crab in the trap at the end of the island.
We probed all three nests but seemed to find nothing.  It seemed impossible so we called Barb and Steve (to the rescue).  Bill went back out with Steve and found that our one false crawl was truly a nest...#9.
At the short end of the island we did find the remains of a July 4th party complete with fireworks.  Olivia confirmed that 10-12 trucks had been out there setting off fireworks.

It was quite a morning but it ended in a nest thanks to Steve and Bill!

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