Waties Island Nest Count

Monday, July 2, 2018

Monday, July 2, Nest #8

Another beautiful morning on Waties Island and July has started with a bang, two nests in two days.  The Monday Walkers walking the short end quickly discovered a nice crawl, just below the entrance.  She had a pretty wide track with a width of 36 inches.  The incoming track was erased by the high tide line, but the outgoing track in the wet sand was much longer.  She was there a while. This one like several others this season is on top of the dune, another nest with a view.

Remember the ghost crab at Nest 6 near Marker 4? No new eggs shells on the surface, only a few tiny pieces, but there is a very large hole right by the reed marking the egg chamber and the crab was actually spotted entering it this morning. A ghost crab trap was placed near the hole in hopes of capturing it for relocation. Tuesday walkers, check the trap please.  Those pesky ghost crabs!

Many thanks to everyone who assisted today  . . . it takes a village.

Maddy scoping out the nest on top of the dune

Body pit was in the sea oats

We have eggs!

Monday Walkers:  Kim, Janice, Leslie, Maddy, Donna,and Nancy - Barb is behind the camera

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