Waties Island Nest Count

Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Even though we walk the same stretch of beach morning after morning, we never know what we will find.                                                              A beautiful sunrise seen from a different angle.Uh Oh!  Horse tracks through our possible nest site.   Someone was watching the ocean view as they crested the dune and didn't see our markers.   

Those pesty crabs have gotten into Nest 6 again!  They got another egg!

Looks like they tried to fill the hole back in!

 We caught one! We took him for a walk up the beach and put him in the water.

On the upper end of the island we found more crab tracks around nest #4 and the hint of an exposed egg.  At first glance it looked like a shell at the top of the nest.  But closer examination revealed the tip of an egg. There were no signs that any eggs had been removed.  We covered the nest and put the reed back.  We will bring anothe crab track tomorrow for this nest.

Dave is shown with a dollar bill.  The walkers on the lower end found not only lots of trash, but 5 one dollar bills floating in the water.

Our morning adventure wasn't over...We saw this 2.5 ft. alligator running up the road as we headed for the shed.
We just never know what we are going to find!

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