Waties Island Nest Count

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sunday, July 1st - Nest #7

We started with a beautiful sunrise over the marsh, wood storks feeding, and the little frogs jumping in the sand at the parking area.  The Sunday Walkers were joined by Karen F. and Paulette's daughter, Stacy.

Paulette and Stacy discovered a crawl on the lower end, below marker #1,very close to the other nest.  Again, you can use the sunken sailboat as a visual reference.  It was a classic body pit, and the egg chamber wasn't too difficult to find.  The crawl was 30 inches.

Also, unfortunately ghost crabs have entered into Nest #6, which was just laid.  Karen and Leslie found egg shells outside the nest.  We filled in the ghost crab hole, so everyone will need to check on this nest.

Beautiful Sunrise over the marsh

Nice classic crawl

Stacy assisting
Sunday Walkers - Stacy, Paulette, Karen, Leslie, Sharon, Karen F behind the camera

Keep an eye on Nest #6 - Ghost Crabs have discovered the nest, egg shells were found on Sunday, determined that we lost two eggs, which will be recorded.

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