Waties Island Nest Count

Monday, July 9, 2018

Monday, July 9th, Nest #10

 The morning started with a beautiful sunrise over the marsh and beach.  Monday Walkers discovered a very nice crawl between Markers 7 and 8. She crawled right to the base of the dune to dig her nest.  Lots of sand piled, and thrown sand.  It was problematic in probing due to so much loose sand and the nest is over a large amount of wrack, but we were not giving up and found the egg chamber.  Leslie had company, so they were thrilled to be included in this find.  The crawl was 33 inches across.  All walkers were able to help with the crawl.

We did find one large ghost crab in the first trap, and he was carted off to a place fair away from the nests.  All other nests were fine.

What a beautiful morning

Incoming crawl
Outgoing crawl

Body Pit, right at the base of the dune
Kim and Skylar helping with the poles

Skylar, Leslie's great niece, helping, she was thrilled
Monday Walkers, Maddy, Skylar, Leslie, Sherry and Kim.  Stacie, Leslie's neice behind the camera

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