Waties Island Nest Count

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Nests 4, 6 & 10

It was another photo op morning on Waties.  Always so many beautiful sunrises. 

We went a whole week with no crab holes at nest 6 only to find one yesterday.  Today, there were lots of crab tracks, but none had dug into the nest.  We did catch and release three crabs.

We are still having a problem with the crabs getting into nest 10.  We found crab holes yesterday and  again this morning.  

 Covered the holes again and added more sand to the top of the nest using the handle of the probe.  Forgot the crab trap this morning.

Looked like a crab showed interest in Nest 4, but either we interrupted him or he changed his mind.  There were no crabs in the trap.  We smoothed over the top of the nest and left the crab trap just in case.                                 

Nancy's granddaughter, Taylor, joined us this morning.  She was full of wonderful questions.  Said she would like to walk again with her grandmother when she comes back.

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