Waties Island Nest Count

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Nest #4 Inventory

Nest # 4 emerged sometime Sunday night or early Monday morning at Day 60. This morning we did the inventory. It was a little hard to find the nest cavity since the reed was missing. The excavation took on the feel of a "digging to China" event. We even took the step of measuring from the secondary markers to confirm the exact location.

Lots of volunteers and guests on hand to observe this morning

Digging to China

The nest was really deep - it took a lot of digging to get down to where the eggs were buried.

Getting ready to sort the contents of the nest
Sand covered but on the way to the ocean!
It was DEEP! Lots of unhatched eggs down there
One of the lucky live ones

Final outcome was 47 hatched eggshells, 56 unhatched eggs, 3 dead hatchlings and 6 live hatchlings.

Photos by Bill C, post by Barb D

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