Waties Island Nest Count

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

August 10 Three Nests Emerge

Wednesday, August 10 we found three nests had emerged overnight!!
Nest 7 is just below marker 6. It emerged at day 61. Tracks show the
hatchlings went to the water successfully.
Nest 8 is a relocated nest found below the entrance. It was laid on the
same day as Nest 7 and emerged on the same day 61.
Nest 11 is near marker 1. This nest emerged at day 56. Walkers
found a dead hatchling (ghost crab nearby) and an egg shell and 
pieces of other shells.
Pictures by Nancy and Paulette
Post by Paulette
Nest 7

Tracks leaving nest 7

Can you see the shadowy trail of hatchlings marks?

Nest 7 close up

Nest 8

Nest 11

Nest 11 dead hatchling and egg shell

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