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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Nest 16 Inventory and a New Nest!

The record breaking continues with Nest #27 discovered today - This was previously labeled a "possible nest" (PN) and this one was right by Marker 8. This morning, we were only a few feet away getting ready to inventory Nest #16 when hatchling tracks were found at the PN.

Next, the inventory of #16 - as we've seen this summer, a good bit of sand had accumulated over the nest, but we found 114 hatched eggs, only 10 unhatched, along with two dead and one live turtle. The Coastal Sea Turtle Club was on hand to dig and photograph at the event. 

Coastal Sea Turtle Club members on hand today

It was pretty deep and a little hard to find

On the lower end, more excitement -- Nest #20 (the last one on the island) had a ghost crab hole and also a dead hatchling on the surface. Bet they've hatched and are just waiting for the right time to come out. Maybe tonight??

Nest 20

Thanks to Valerie, Leslie and Jeanne for sharing their photos.

Barb and Steve

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