Waties Island Nest Count

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hold on to Your Hat!

Another new nest this morning - Nest #28 of the season was discovered at Marker 9. This was originally marked as a "possible nest" but last night, there was an emergence -- and now that we know exactly where it is, it is marked with a PVC pole.

Nest 28

The other discovery was that Nest #19 also emerged overnight - as we approached the nest, there was one turtle still crawling out of the hole. It easily made it to the ocean while we all watched.

Nest 19

 Can't quite see the turtle but that's where it came from.

Then on to the main event of the morning, the inventory of Nest #27 which was found on Saturday. It too was a possible nest which became a reality when tracks and a crater were discovered. Hatched eggs were 112, unhatched only 12 and one dead turtle which we used for the DNA sample. A very good outcome!

Sorting the pieces

 More inventories in the next few days!

Thanks to Valerie and Steve for sharing their photos today,


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