Waties Island Nest Count

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday June 12, 2016: one new nest; two stranded, dead turtles

Ghost crabs were caught mating during the arrival of a new day on Waties Island

Unfortunately we did not catch the thieving ghost crabs who removed an egg from Nest #9!

                 Sadly a stranded loggerhead was determined beyond our help near Hog's Inlet.

Another stranded turtle -- a Kemp's Ridley -- was determined dead near Marker 4.

The necessary observations and measurements were made on the stranded Kemp's Ridley to report to the seaturtle.org stranding database.

Later we returned to the stranded loggerhead to make, once again, the necessary observations and measurements to report to the seaturtle.org stranding datatbase.

           A tiny crab crawled from the posterior end of the stranded loggerhead's carapace.
        On a day tinged with sadness, happily ANOTHER crawl (near Marker 4) was discovered -- five  crawls on Waties Island in three days!

                                                          The probable nest is located.
                                    Robin, a visitor, begins a search for the egg chamber.
           The egg chamber is revealed!  The decision was made to leave Nest #10 in place although it might be in danger of extremely high tides.

                   Marge and Karen measure the width of the female loggerhead's tracks.

                  Nest #10 is celebrated by Margie, Robin, Karen, Marcelle, Emily, Barb, and Steve!!!!!

           Nick, Robin, Margie, Marcelle, Emily, Barb, and Steve posing at the happy site, #10!!!!!

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