Waties Island Nest Count

Friday, June 24, 2016

June 24--False Crawl 10: Get ready Saturday Walkers!

Today's walkers emerged on the island with great expectations for seeing a nest. This Friday marks fourteen days since nests 7 & 8, making this the prime time for at least one of those two turtles to return to lay another clutch of eggs.

 Unfortunately, there was no bodypit at the top of this crawl. Situated between markers seven and eight, this in-and-out crawl left no room for debate.

Measured very professionally with turtle monitor t-shirts (and feet) the track was 32 inches wide, matching one of the June 10th turtles.

    The curve of the crawl crested with the high tide line, so perhaps this turtle was delayed from laying by the lack of dry beach. We can't know for sure of course, but this small track gives an optimistic prospect to the other weekend walkers. She clearly intends to lay her eggs soon, so be on the look out!

X marks the spot! This crawl was intimated by a stick behind a plant, behind a sand-etched cross that will likely have been pulverized by the afternoon rains. But the general location of False Crawl 10 will soon be recorded with a GPS reading. 

Keep an eye out, weekend walkers! False Crawl 10 is just the harbinger for Nest 13, at least in this "old-time turtler's" opinion. Thanks to the Smitheys for transporting us in the back of their truck, to Paulette for making today's walk possible, and to all the Friday walkers!

(We'll get one next week. ;) )

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