Waties Island Nest Count

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

June 25: Two Nests!!! (Sorry for the delay)

 Tracks above the high tide line were located.
 A soft spot was located using the probe.
 This  possible nest required persistence and patience -- so far the egg chamber has not been located.
 Most of the patrol moved on to another set of tracks a few yards north. As the tracks were the same width, some of us hypothesized that the same female might have produced both, the first being a false crawl.  Barb, however, insisted both tracks were truly nests.
 The second set of tracks very quickly proves an egg chamber -- Nest #13 for the season.

 In preparing the DNA sample for Nest #13, the egg yolk is deposited in a small tide pool near the ocean.
 Barb records the necessary data for Nest #13.
 Here's the DNA sample for Nest #13.
                                                                         Nest #13

     Upon returning to the first crawl, patience and persistent had located an egg chamber -- Nest #14!
Barb was correct!!!
             We lucky sea turtle enthusiasts proudly stand by our second nest of the morning!
                                                         The photographer joins in!

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