Waties Island Nest Count

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Photos from Nest 5 and 6

It was a busy weekend for nesting on Waties - Nest 5 was found on Saturday June 4 followed by Nest 6 on Sunday. Nest 5 was on the lower end of the beach but right in the middle of the beach rather than up in the dunes. To protect it from summer traffic on the beach, a cage was placed over the nest. A cage was also placed over Nest 2 which is also in the middle of the beach.

Jackie and Jeanne looking for the eggs


On Sunday, Nest 6: It was about mid-island, just above Marker 5 but in a spot that is subject to erosion. The nest was moved to a safer location just below the beach entrance. 132 eggs were found; one was taken for the DNA sample and the rest reburied in the new nest.

Thanks to guest walker Barb S for sharing her photos!

Another pretty sky

The nest was right by the wall

A pretty neat crawl though; in and right out

There they are!
Moving those eggs

On to their new home

The DNA sample

Emily's first relocation

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