Waties Island Nest Count

Friday, June 7, 2013

Tropical Storm Andrea

We had a wet and windy morning on Waties, but turtle nests, #1 & #2, were high and dry.  The tide did not reach the nests.  Those mama turtles knew what they were doing when they laid their nests.
Nest # 1

 Nest #2
Alyssa and Linda (in picture) and Valerie and Dave all made it through the morning.  We made our decision to walk in stages.  First, there was no thunder or lightning, so we started out.  Next we worried about the fallen trees.  We only hit a few branches that we could move to the side of the road.  Next was whether the tide would be too high.  We had no trouble.  A few deep puddles, but nothing we could not get through.  Then we got to the beach and it looked like it was a go.  We thought at first we would just check on the nests, but when we got there we decided to go all the way.

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