Waties Island Nest Count

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Sunday Highlight - Nest #4

Wow, two days in a row...

Right up at the rock jetty at the top end of this island we found not one, but two sets of tracks.  It was the same turtle:  it looked like she came up first and tried to dig a nest and found rocks below the surface.  She headed back toward the ocean, down the beach about 30 feet, and back up again, this time laying her nest where the rock jetty starts.  It was dry there today, but it was an area of the beach that usually gets covered by high tides.

The starter crawl into the rocks

We made the decision to move the nest down the beach to a more suitable spot.  Check this nest just to the right of the entrance in front of Marker 2.

Thanks to Diane and Sarah for doing the move this morning!

Sarah and Diane looking for the eggs

This is where it was - taking the GPS reading

Digging a new nest by Marker 2 - those cockle shells work great

The egg shells can be tough to tear sometimes

Got it

Paulette, Diane, Steve and Sarah - Nest #R4
Barb and Steve

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