Waties Island Nest Count

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nests are Overdue

Light showers this morning and we all got a little damp, but it wasn't cold or windy.  Just as we were entering the beach, there was a ghost crab with his "catch of the day", more likely good for a couple of days.

Ghost crab with a ribbon snake

He wasn't going to give up his prize 

Last week there were some interesting things that washed up after the tropical storm - 

An anemone attached to a piece of seaweed

When we put it back in the water, it opened up like a flower

Remnants of a gar fish

Some sort of marine animal backbone
And towels by the dozens!  Along with the usual sunglasses, clothing, and plastic "stuff" -

Thanks to all you wonderful volunteers for keeping that beach clean !!

Barb and Steve

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